Prince William on ‘letting out steam with the guys’

Prince William on 'letting out steam with the guys'
Prince William on 'letting out steam with the guys' Credit: Wikimedia

Prince William on ‘letting out steam with the guys’ away from busy parenting time. For Prince William football has now become more important in his life since he became a dad.

William has spoken out over his love of football and its new importance in his life on the Peter Crouch Podcast. “Since becoming a dad, football has become way more important than it used to, it’s changed a lot; I need to be amongst other guys and let out some steam,” said William.

 “Shout a bit, not abuse the referee because I am the President of the FA and I can’t do that but in my head I am.


“Talking about football helps a lot.”

Peter quizzed the Prince on whether George and Charlotte enjoy football, to which the Prince responded: “Yeah they do, I took George and Charlotte to the Norwich, Villa game, George started to get really into it by the end.

“I will try not to persuade him to be a Villa fan, I will let him choose his own way, I think having a variety of clubs, it’s about what fits for him.”

On the podcast it was also asked: “What if he got really good at football, can he do the job and up front for Villa?”

William commented: “Definitely I reckon he could be an all-time goal scorer, I can’t see no reason why not.”

The prospect of George supporting Birmingham city or other teams was also raised during the talk.

“Previously I was a bit concerned about him supporting Chelsea – now Frank’s come in I feel the culture is a bit different a Chelsea, I would be ok with it”, said William.

“I do like the value and ethos of the club, I want them to look after their players, I want them to set a good example to the young fans.

“I want all of our children when they go to a football match to come away loving what they have seen and enjoying it, and see their role models behave in a way we would all want them to.”

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