Piers Morgan nomination at NTAs prompts laughs for GMB hosts

Piers Morgan nomination at NTAs prompts laughs for GMB hosts
Piers Morgan nomination at NTAs prompts laughs for GMB hosts Credit: Instagram

Piers Morgan nomination at NTAs prompts laughs for Good Morning Britain hosts.

On Tuesday’s Good Morning Britain show hosts Charlotte Hawkins and Kate Garraway discussed the possibility of former GMB presenter Piers Morgan winning an award after he’s been nominated for the National television awards, NTA.

The GMB hosts were in good humour during the discussion which also included Dr Hilary Jones, Kevin Maguire and Amanda Platel. Piers has been nominated for Best presenter for this year’s NTA’s.


Charlotte Hawkins brought up the subject and said: “We should also give a mention to Piers Morgan who has been nominated as well. He’s made the shortlist for Best Television Presenter.”

Kevin who was on the show as a guest commentator said: “Who was he? It rings a bell, the name. Who was that?”

The Daily Mail’s Amanda Platel joined in the joke and said: “Was that some guy who used to work here?”

Kevin quickly quipped back: “Oh did he? Did he use to work here? Oh, that’s who it was!”

According to Kate, Piers has been nominated before but was “very cross” after not coming home with an award. Kate commented on how good it would be if Piers came away with an award this time though.

Kevin jokingly commented that Piers is: “permanently cross”.

Dr Hilary Jones commented on the fact that Piers is not even on air as a presenter any more, and said: “It would be ironic if he wins it when he’s off-air.”

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