Malaga firefighters make daring rescue

Malaga firefighters make daring rescue
Malaga firefighters make daring rescue Credit: Pixabay

Malaga firefighters make daring rescue of a man who had climbed up a high-voltage pylon.

On Monday, August 16, officers from the Royal Fire Brigade of Malaga had to make a bizarre rescue after a man had managed to climb up into a high-voltage pylon.

According to the fire brigade nobody knows what the intentions or the motives were of this person. Firefighters quickly began a rescue mission in what was a dangerous situation.


The man had for unknown reasons climbed a high-voltage power pylon in Malaga’s Atabal area. The firefighters first got in contact with the man to try and convince him to stop climbing. The firefighters though ended up having to carry out a rescue operation.

The man has been safely rescued from the pylon, but his motives for climbing up there in the first place are still unknown.

In other Malaga news, Jellyfish summer for Spain’s Malaga. So far this summer jellyfish have not caused too trouble for Costa del Sol bathers, but over the last few days more and more jellyfish have headed into the area.

“We knew that this summer could be good for jellyfish, because in spring the conditions were perfect for their proliferation”, said Jess Bellido, biologist of the Aula del Mar. The biologist has highlighted that: “above average temperatures in the Alboran Sea, possibly, have made the breeding ground for these animals to reproduce”.

Not too many jellyfish had been seen until a few days ago but the expert has explained how the easterly wind, known as Levante, has brought jellyfish into the area.

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