WATCH: Drug trafficker escaping police caught by bathers on Granada beach

Prison for drug traffickers videoed being caught on beach in Granada
Prison for drug traffickers videoed being caught on beach in Granada. image: guardia civil

WATCH: Drug traffickers ran their narco boat onto a Granada beach to escape the Guardia Civil, only to be chased and caught by bathers 

The peace and quiet of a typically lazy Saturday afternoon (August 14) on the Melicena beach, in the province of Granada, suddenly turned into something resembling a film set, as a Guardia Civil launch appeared out at sea chasing what turned out to be a narco boat with two passengers, which headed at full speed directly onto the beach, grounding itself, without any care for the bathers in the immediate vicinity, with its two occupants jumping out and trying to flee on foot.

It was at this point that several bathers on the beach decided to help the pursuing police officers, and started running after the two men, as a game of chase ensued, with the two men trying their best to dodge the ever-increasing pack of bathers giving chase – among them an off-duty sergeant of the Benemérita – who eventually managed to corner one of them, an incredulous scene which was captured on film by one of the bathers, and you can watch it below.


The second man was captured shortly after by the Guardia Civil officers who had chased him along the sand, monitored by another crew from the Guardia’s Maritime Service patrol that was following the situation from its position out at sea, and both men were arrested there at the beach.

An inspection of their abandoned boat, and cargo, revealed a load of 25 bales of hashish, weighing more than 800kg, with many bathers approaching to take a look at the illegal stash of drugs which was subsequently confiscated by the police, as reported by


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