Complete protection service against squatters in your home

Complete squatter protection service
PROTECT YOUR HOME: We ensure holiday homeowners do not have to worry when they are not present.

Vesta Vigilar SL provides squatter prevention and complete squatter protection service to holiday homeowners from the city of Valencia in the north, down the coast until Estepona in the south.

The squatter prevention service includes 24/7 camera surveillance as well as correct and timely reporting to the police in case of intruders or squatters.


In addition to the above, we can provide a complete squatter protection service, which includes full legal support from experienced lawyers who will formally represent the house owner throughout all legal proceedings and the court. Our proactive approach within the law shall ensure the squatters are evicted legally with the help of the police within 48 hours.

Our main office is in Los Alcázares, in the Europe Building (Av de Libertad 301 1º planta Puerta 3), conveniently located next door to the notary and close to the police station.

There are many service providers that focus on evicting squatters when the situation has already arisen. Vesta Vigilar’s ambition is to prevent squatter situations from happening in the first place, but also in the unlikely event we will proactively engage with the police to ensure eviction within 48 hours. Plus, in the most extreme cases we will fight the case through the court on behalf of our clients overseas, until possession is regained. Providing support throughout the entire process.

The two entrepreneurs behind Vesta Vigilar have long experience from different business service companies in the Nordics and globally. They are Norwegian citizens, but both have houses in Spain. They have several observations on squatter cases and therefore established Vesta Vigilar to ensure holiday homeowners do not have to worry about squatter issues.

We are currently running a summer campaign for only €29 per month for the Squatter Prevention service, and only another €39 per month for the complete Squatter Protection service. During this campaign the installation (normally €199 per property) is free of charge.

We can be reached on, by phone: +34 868 999 794, or via e-mail: [email protected].

Office hours are Mon-Fri from 09.00 to 17.00.


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