Spanish Royal Family enjoyed a quiet dinner in Palma restaurant

The family at El Txoko de Martín
The family at El Txoko de Martín Credit: El Txoko de Martín

The Spanish Royal Family enjoyed a quiet dinner in Palma restaurant with little fuss or protocol involved.

THE past 50 years have seen a considerable change in the way that different Royal Families act and behave in public with the younger Monarchs such as Felipe VI being much less hidebound by protocol than someone like Queen Elizabeth II.

This was born out of the evening of Tuesday August 10 when the King, Queen Letizia and their two children arrived at the restaurant El Txoko de Martín in the Santa Catalina district of Palma which is under the direction of master chef Martín Berasategui who has won no less than 12 Michelin stars over the years.


Guests at the crowded restaurant were both surprised and delighted to see the Royal party take a table in the interior of the restaurant and enjoy a meal when many had thought that they had already returned to Madrid after their holiday in Mallorca.

According to local reports, when they left, they did so to a round of applause and they all made themselves available to pose for photographs both inside and outside the restaurant.

Whilst the Queen looked elegant in a pale pink dress with black trims in an art deco style, His Majesty chose jeans and an open neck shirt whilst their two daughters, who are now both taller than their mother chose equally casual clothes.

The Infanta Sofía chose a light blue bib and brace over a white tee shirt whilst Princess Leonor chose a short a denim skirt topped by a white blouse.

Although there are no new engagements listed in the King’s diary at the moment, it seems likely that the family will now be headed home to prepare for Princess Leonor’s forthcoming travel to school in Wales.

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