Health benefits of piercings: Is it more than just jewellery?

Health benefits of piercings
It is thought that piercing the ears at a young age helps brain development

YOU may have heard of some of the health benefits of piercings and you’re probably wondering if they really work. Here we’ll take a look at some of the theories on piercing for health and you can judge for yourself.

The theory behind the alleged health benefits of piercing is the same as for acupuncture and the belief that applying pressure to certain points of the body can have a positive effect on others.


Ear and nose piercing has become increasingly popular in recent years, although in many cultures it has been practised for centuries. Even in Spain, piercing girls’ ears when they are babies is very common and although recently it has fallen from favour with some families, it is still widely practised.

There are many reasons while people get piercings, and although we are only recently hearing a lot about the alleged healing powers, the tradition has been around for thousands of years.

The Ancient Egyptians, the Romans and other cultures pierced ears to help digestion, menstrual pains and eyesight. If you’ve ever wondered why pirates wore and ring in their ear, it’s because it was said to improve their vision.

Some of the alleged health benefits to ear piercing are as follows:

Better mental health: Pressure at certain points is thought to help with depression, nervousness, anxiety, headaches, migraines, OCD and other issues, as well as increasing energy levels.

Good eyesight and improved concentration: applying pressure to the centre of the ear lobe is said to improve vision and also stimulate parts of the brain which are responsible for concentration.

Healthy immune and reproductive systems: There are many pressure points in the centre of the ear lobe, which are believed to help keep the reproductive organs healthy and boost the immune system.

Relieves tinnitus and prevents allergies: You may be able to avoid ringing in the ears thanks to piercing the ear lobe as well as fighting allergies of certain types.

Hunger and weight loss: Piercing the exact spot of the tragus can allegedly help reduce the feeling of hunger, keep the digestive system in good shape and reduce the chance of obesity.

Reduces the chance of developing ear, eye, throat and tongue ailments.

Meanwhile, piercing the nose, very common in India, is thought to ease menstrual pain and ease childbirth.

Different parts of the ear are also thought to have different benefits:

Conch: Helps with pain and relaxes muscles, especially recommended for back pain.

Rook: Releases stress and menstrual pains.

Cartilage Rim or Helix: Insomnia or allergies, depending on the position

Daith: To cure migraines

Caring for your piercing

It is important to remember that, wherever they are and whatever the health benefits of piercings may be, they need to be cared for to reduce the risk of infection. There is no guarantee that they will definitely help with what you need them for and they can take some time to heal. Avoid getting a piercing if you have health conditions which affect healing, haemophilia, diabetes, autoimmune conditions or are taking blood thinners.

The most important thing is to get it done by an experienced professional who will be able to guide you.

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