New luxury super-yacht inspired by Star Wars

New luxury super-yacht inspired by Star Wars
New luxury super-yacht inspired by Star Wars. image: twitter

NEW luxury super-yacht whose design is inspired by the Star Wars trilogy of films

If you ever had the fantasy of sailing the high-seas in a luxurious yacht that looked like one of the spacecraft from the Star Wars franchise of films, then your dream could become a reality, if you have the money to pay for that reality, because it exists, in the form of the new super-yacht, ‘Estrella’.

Yeojin Jung, a designer from South Korea, has created the design for a luxury vessel called ‘Estrella’, which he claims is inspired directly by two of the space ships that appeared in the Star Wars trilogy, specifically, the ‘Ala Y’, and the real ship of Naboo, the Nubian 327 Type J, which was a starship used in Star Wars: Episode 1 – The Phantom Menace, by Queen Amidala, Jedi Master Qui-Gon Jinn and his Padawan, Obi-Wan Kenobi, during the Invasion of Naboo.


The structure of the incredible yacht is 104.28 metres (341ft) long, and divided into three parts: a main one in the center, and two secondary ones on both sides, just like the Y-wing ships, and also noteworthy is the unique fin system that prevents the body from leaning sideways and submerging the side covers, which allegedly provides greater stability to the yacht, and allows passengers to be on deck without worrying about an unexpected dive.

Another strong point of this unique super yacht is that each person will be able to move through any of the three main sections freely, thanks to the catwalks that connect each one of them, providing a dynamic sailing experience from different points of view.

Its designer, Yeojin Yung has also been inspired by the triangle shape and the central rear part, which bulges as if it had a glass dome, of the Nubian 327 Type J, helping him in not only winning the admiration of the legions fans of the legendary George Lucas saga, but to also be awarded the bronze medal of the A’Design Award and Competition, the largest design competition in the world, that rewards the best designs, products, and services.

For now, this remarkable design only exists conceptually, on design sheets, but, ‘Estrella’ could become reality if somebody, somewhere had the desire, and the money, to pay for this new luxury super-yacht, as reported by


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