ID bracelets make Fuengirola beaches safer

ID bracelets make Fuengirola beaches safer
ID bracelets make Fuengirola beaches safer Credit: Town Hall

ID bracelets make Fuengirola beaches safer for kids and dependent adults.

The Councillor for Beaches at Fuengirola Town Hall, Javier Hidalgo, has spoken of the identification bracelets that are available to beachgoers in the Fuengirola area. The ID bracelets aim to help reunite people, if the unfortunate happens and someone gets lost.

“It is common for a minor or an elderly person who is under guardianship for health reasons to get lost among the many users we have on our beaches and they turn to our lifeguards to find their relatives. To make this process easier, for years we have been offering our residents and visitors bracelets with which we can quickly locate their guardians,” said the councillor.


It is easy to get hold of a bracelet and they can be requested at any of the lifeguard areas on the city beaches in Fuengirola. The bracelets come with a QR code which is then used to assign the contact details of responsible adult.

When a lost person approaches the lifeguard service they are able to quickly scan the QR code and find out the contact details of the responsible person. They can then quickly reunite the lost person with a responsible adult.

“But in the event that a minor or elderly person becomes disoriented on any beach and does not have this bracelet on, the lifeguards notify the nearest air surveillance post so that they can help track the area with the drone and thus find these children or dependent adults who may be lost.

“A tool that is proving to be a great help, as these elements have a powerful zoom where you can perfectly see all the points of our coastline. Two more signs that the beaches of Fuengirola are safe,” said Hidalgo.

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