Health calls for the recall of 14 sunscreens in Spain

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Health calls for the recall of 14 sunscreens in Spain as they do not meet the protection factor on the label.

The Spanish Agency for Medicines and Health Products (AEMPS) which is part of the Ministry of Health, has outlined 14 sunscreens that they have requested the voluntary withdrawal of. The sunscreens when tested were found to not provide the same sun protection factor SPF, that was on the label.

Most of the sunscreens tested still provided adequate protection but five were found to be lacking significantly.


The market control campaign began in December 2019. The aim of the campaign was to ensure that the SPF found on labels was what customers were actually getting.

The campaign focused on creams with SPF 50 or SPF 50+. They also aimed to investigate the sunscreens which used novel galenic forms. This is found in mists, sprays and very light creams. 19 products were chosen to be tested from various companies from Spain, Europe and also outside of the EU.

The final results are out and the AEMPS recommended various actions depending on how far the SPF differs from that on the label.

The test revealed that five of the sunscreens were consistent with the label while nine did not match. Some of these products though had an SPF between 30 and 49.9, which is considered to be high enough to fall within the high protection category.

AEMPS have called on companies to voluntarily withdraw the batches which they tested and carry out their own tests on different batches to ensure that the products are safe.

The five products which did not meet the SPF claimed on the label and fell below 29.9 have been recommended for voluntary withdrawal. According to 20 minutes these products are “’Abelay Protector Solar FPS50′, by Ab7 cosmetics; ‘Mussvital fotoprotector spray aerosol ultra light 50+’, by Peroxfarma; ‘ Eucerin sun protection sensitive protect sun spray transparent dry touch SPF 50 high’, by Beiersdorf AG; ‘Hawaiian Tropic Silk Hydratation Bruma Solar air soft SPF 50+ (High)’, by Wilkinson Sword; and ‘Australian gold SPF Botanical SPF 50 continuous spray’, by Biorius.”

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