Torremolinos installs awnings above Calle San Miguel

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Image: Torremolinos Council

TORREMOLINOS installs awnings above Calle San Miguel to encourage local commerce by protecting shoppers from the sun.

The Councillor for General Services, Antonio Navarro and the Councillor for Commerce Maribel Tocón visited Calle San Miguel on July 23 to see the awnings fitted along the entire street to make a visit more pleasant in these summer months.

“This year we have been delayed because the procedure has been changed and we have tendered it through the Samset company, so the awnings are ours. The successful bidder keeps them, cleans them and will put them on the date that we say without delay”, explained Navarro


The company in charge of the entire assembly, storage and cleaning process is Ilumep SL, which has extensive experience in this area in other towns and provinces. In total it consists of 52 awnings that have been made to measure to fit between the buildings safely.

The deployment of awnings in this central street, has been common for several years (except last year due to the Covid crisis) and its aim is to make walking and shopping in the area more pleasant.

“Local commerce is what makes the town and Torremolinos is different from other municipalities undertaking activities that benefits residents and commerce in particular,” commented Tocón.

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