Double-jabbed Piers Morgan says vaccine may have saved his life

Double-jabbed Piers Morgan says vaccine may have saved his life
Double-jabbed Piers Morgan says vaccine may have saved his life Credit: Instagram

Double-jabbed former Good Morning Britain presenter Piers Morgan was bed-bound for a week as he battled the coronavirus. He says that the vaccine may have saved his life.

The ex-GMB presenter has said that he caught the potentially deadly virus at the Euro 2020 final where England sadly lost to Italy. Piers says he became infected after crowds “crashed their way in with no tickets or testing”.

Writing for The Mail on Sunday he explained how horrible the virus was. On July 16 he fought his way through a “horrible night of high fever, cold sweats, ferocious coughing and sneezing and strange aches all over my body, none of which has been helped by the very hot weather that’s turned my bedroom into a Saharan furnace”.


By Monday he was still suffering and was “hit by a sudden, brutal blast of debilitating fatigue that left me flat-lined in bed all day and feeling as if I’d been run over”, said Piers.

According to Piers, the illness lasted and on July 21 he was “still flat-lined in bed”.

“Been a week now and although the fever’s long gone, the fatigue keeps overwhelming me like a soporific tidal wave. I haven’t even read a newspaper since developing symptoms, which for a news junkie like me is unprecedented”, wrote Piers.

He does believe that the vaccine saved his life and said that his thoughts have gone out to Kate Garraway’s husband Derek Draper.

Morgan wrote: “Derek is three years younger than me and remains in a virtual coma 15 months after being rushed to hospital at the height of the first wave of the pandemic with a headache and breathing issues.

“Of course, the big and very fortunate difference for me is that vaccines have since been developed and I’m double-jabbed with the Oxford/AstraZeneca one.”

During his battle with the coronavirus he told Kate: “I’ve felt pretty awful with Covid but the vaccine may well have saved my life. Derek never had the chance to take one. That just seems so desperately unfair.”

Meanwhile Kate hopes that everyone who has a chance to take the vaccine does so.

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  1. sounds like a Bad case of Flue.

    Can show you a Vid of a Man that is dying of “GUILLIAN BARRE” days after taking the Vax.

    Drs In Hospital telling him they are sorry this happened.
    Not well covered in the EU News.


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