Sensational effect of Sanchez in the US – ‘We have to move to Spain’

Sensational effect of Sanchez in the US - ‘We have to move to Spain'
Sensational effect of Sanchez in the US - ‘We have to move to Spain' Credit: Instagram

Sanchez has sensational effect in the US after giving an interview on ‘Morning Joe’. The President of Spain has delighted citizens in the United States and has even been compared to Superman after his interview.

Pedro Sanchez, the Spanish President gave a near 10-minute-long interview in the United States on ‘Morning Joe’ with co-host Mika Brzezinski. Delighted viewers quickly took to Twitter and YouTube to comment on his performance and also on his looks.

Comments on Twitter included “He’s a beautiful man” and “he looks like Superman”. Other viewers were also left wanting to move to Spain after the interview on the American TV channel.


Journalist Chris Morris took to social media to share the comments that his wife had made during the interview. She was so impressed that she now wants to move to Spain and live in the country. “I was watching ‘Morning Joe’ and she said ‘we have to move to Spain’. I think it’s because their president looks like Superman”, Morris said on Twitter.

Many other people made similar comments on YouTube where the full interview with the leader of Spain was published. Comments included “Pedro is fabulous”, “he is very sexy and also intelligent”, and “what a sexy president”.

Some US citizens paid attention to what he was saying though and not just to how he looks. One YouTube user appreciated Spain’s approach to real issues such as climate change and the economy.

“I love how Spain is approaching the real issues. Climate change, pandemic, vaccines, or the economy. Unlike the Republicans, who only use denial and deflection”, said one YouTube user.


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