Petition for Justice asks Spanish Government to refund lockdown fines

Petition for Justice
Petition for Justice Credit: Collective Calling

FOLLOWING the ruling by the Spanish court Petition for Justice asks Spanish Government to refund lockdown fines.

In a rather unusual move a Marbella based charity Collective Calling is trying to petition the Spanish Government to refund fines levied for breach of the state of alarm lockdown.

The charity states that the recent ruling from the Spanish constitutional court that the strict nationwide stay-at-home quarantine in the Spring of 2020 was unconstitutional and the fines that were issued during this time were done so without proper legislation


Collective Calling (CC) are now petitioning that all fines collected during that time period are reimbursed back to members of the public who were made to pay these fines with immediate effect.

They claim that these sanctions were imposed under a decree that has now been found to be unconstitutional and the judge argued that the state of alarm imposed by the government last March did not just limit the fundamental rights of free circulation and of assembly between private citizens, but suspended them altogether.

The charity asks that residents sign the petition at and if it receives 100,000 signatures, it will then have to be reviewed by Spanish prime minister Pedro Sánchez.

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