Self-diagnosis Covid tests from the pharmacy in Spain

Self-diagnosis Covid tests from the pharmacy in Spain
Self-diagnosis Covid tests from the pharmacy in Spain Credit: Pixabay

The Minister of Health, Carolina Darias estimates cost of self-diagnosis Covid tests that will be available from pharmacies will be “affordable”. The sale of antigen tests has now been approved without a prescription.

The Minister of Health has said that self-diagnostic tests for the coronavirus which are set to go on sale in pharmacies will be affordable to people in Spain and the expected price will be somewhere between six and 10 euros. This means that both expats and Spaniards will be able to get their hands on the tests at a reasonable price. It is hoped that the availability of the tests from pharmacies in Spain will help control the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Darias spoke at a press conference after the Interterritorial Council meeting. She explained that the antigen tests should be used to confirm suspicions of coronavirus infections, “but under no circumstances” will they be part of the health system in Spain.


This means anyone that has a positive antigen test from a pharmacy self-test will need to head to a competent health authority where the diagnosis will then be confirmed.

One expat told EWN that having low cost tests available at pharmacies is a great idea. “If the tests are priced low enough, more people will be able to get them and this should help fight the virus.”

People will be able to take the antigen tests without needing the help of a healthcare professional which means health centres should see pressures on them reduced, at least to some extent. The tests will also allow suspected cases of the coronavirus to be identified rapidly.

According to Malaga Hoy, the health ministry “has worked hand in hand” with pharmacists to make these tests available from pharmacies.

Over 22,000 pharmacies will be able to sell the self-diagnostic tests without a prescription. Darias has confirmed that the price of the test will be affordable and that the cost will be between “6 and 9 or 10 euros, which is the range in which countries around us operate”.

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