Consell de Mallorca and Newblue travel cooperate to attract tourists

The trio explained the promotion
The trio explained the promotion Credit: Consell de Mallorca

AIMED at wooing visitors from the mainland, the Consell de Mallorca and Newblue travel cooperate to attract tourists.

On July 19, the President of the Consell de Mallorca, Catalina Cladera, the Minister of Tourism and President of the Fundació Mallorca Turisme, Andreu Serra, and the CEO of W2M, Gabriel unveiled the promotional campaign.

W2M, which owns Newblue, specialises in creating holidays in the Caribbean and Islands of the World and will be targeting 8,000 travel agents in mainland Spain as well as Portugal offering a range of holidays in Mallorca.


“We are in a situation where there are many people who do not know where to travel, because there are no safe destinations, and our job is to highlight the hotel offer and the destination of Mallorca and take advantage of this demand.

“The ingredient of this campaign is the offer that Mallorca has, more successful than ever, because it adds to the security of the island a very attractive offer for the peninsular traveller” explained Subías.

A special package has been created including a selection of hotels in Mallorca with offers for the whole summer. In addition, by booking before 31 July, transfers from the airport to the airport are included at no extra cost.

The campaign will be in force until the end of July using banners, commercials, videos, reports and branded content. The range of insertions includes publications in media specializing in tourism and social networks, but also radio, online television channels, the Movistar + platform and market-leading lifestyle magazines.

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