Growing expansion of jihadism threatens Spain

Growing expansion of jihadism threatens Spain
Growing expansion of jihadism threatens Spain Credit: Pixabay

The growing expansion of jihadism in the Sahel and the Maghreb threatens Spain according to experts.

Today Monday, July 19, experts in terrorism have warned that the threat posed by the expansion of jihadism in the Sahel and the Maghreb is growing. They also warned of the need for investment to be made in sub-Saharan African countries to help them develop.

Colonel Jesus Diez Alcalde, the head of the Analysis Unit of the Department of National Security has explained how the threat is growing. “The expansion of jihadism in the Sahel region is today one of the greatest challenges to Spain’s security” said Jesus Diez.


According to Jesus Diez, jihadism is spreading rapidly in the area of sub-Saharan Africa. He believes that security measures currently in place are not enough and that the international community and the European Union need to invest. He thinks investment is needed in regions such as the Sahel.

It is hoped that by investing in these areas it will prevent them from becoming breeding grounds for recruiting terrorists. Jihadist organisations can recruit young people more easily when the young feel that they have no future, as reported 20 minutes.

The Colonel went on to add that Spain is already taking part in missions which train the armed forces in these countries. The missions are part of an EU framework, which also helps put together legal systems in these areas.

Professor of International Relations, Carlos Echeverria said: “Both the Maghreb and the Sahel represent a focus where the deterioration of security, the strengthening of Jihadist ideology and the actors involved represent a threat to the national security of countries such as Spain and the rest of the European Union”,

This is felt in “Spain all the more so because it is the only country with land borders with Morocco”,

“We Spaniards should be concerned about the Moroccan dynamic, which has an impact on the fight against jihadism”, added Echeverria.

The comments were made at the Complutense University during a course organized by the Victims of Terrorism Foundation and the Memorial Center for the Victims of Terrorism.


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