Town hall takes a stand

Town hall takes a stand
THAT’S ENOUGH: Crevillent’s LGTB community asked for more love and less hate Photo credit: LGTB Crevillent

VOX threatened to take legal action after LGTBI flags were attached to Crevillent town hall’s balcony on Gay Pride Day.

“Make no mistake, all the municipal political groups support gender ideology, waving LGTBI flags,” VOX warned last month when the flags went up.

“Only VOX refuses to surrender to the ideological imposition of  ‘progressive’ policies,” the party’s two councillors insisted.


“Far from believing in equality, they want to promote a collective for economic motives.”

Three weeks later, the flags remained on the balcony after the local government, a three-party Compromis-PSOE-Esquerra coalition, ignored VOX’s threat of legal action.

Crevillent’s Equality and LGTBI councillor, Ana Vanesa Mas, declared that the rainbow and trans flags supported equality and diversity.

“We feel it’s despicable for two councillors to use their time and their salaries to create hate and rejection,” Mas said.

Meanwhile, members of LGTB Crevillent thanked the town hall for not giving in to VOX’s demands.

Last week they gathered outside the town hall to read a statement that began, “That’s enough!”

The statement maintained that the LGTB collective did not want to be doubted “when we are murdered out of hate like Samuel,” in reference to Samuel Luiz, victim of a recent homophobic killing in Valencia.

“We don’t want to be doubted when we are treated with disrespect at work or when a neighbour makes life impossible for a same-sex couple,” the statement continued, before ending with a call for more love and less hate.

“My love doesn’t kill, but your hate does,” it concluded.


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