The Councils of Lanzarote and Mallorca meet to discuss joint ventures

Introducing Lanzarote
Introducing Lanzarote Credit: Consell de Mallorca

THE introduction of a weekly flight between the islands has seen the Councils of Lanzarote and Mallorca meet to discuss joint ventures.

On July 9, a delegation from the island in the Canaries met with the President of the Consell de Mallorca, Catalina Cladera to discuss how they can work together and promote tourism to each island.

Following the meeting, event, organised by Turisme Lanzarote took place in the Cuit restaurant of the Nakar Hotel in Palma, focussing on a common element of the two destinations, excellent food, thanks to a menu made with local products from the two islands for chefs from Lanzarote and Mallorca, who paired wines with a designation of origin from Lanzarote


The gastronomic sections of the event have been carried out by Joao Faraco and Abel de Rosario – chefs of the restaurants of Lanzarote Coentro and Kamezí Deli & Bistro, respectively – as well as the host chef, Miquel Calent, of the restaurant Cuit.

Attendees were also able to learn about the advantages that Lanzarote offers as a tourist and sports destination.

In addition, a group of businessmen from Lanzarote involved in nautical tourism visited the Balearic Islands, in order to meet with representatives of this sector in Mallorca, given the existing affinity and the preponderance of which they enjoy the first-class water sports events on both islands.

Vueling started the Saturday flights between the islands in June and will run them until September.

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