City hall wades in

City hall wades in
TAJO-SEGURA WATER: All local parties and town halls oppose central government’s proposed cuts Photo credit: Elche city hall

ELCHE councillors voted to demand the central government’s “firm commitment” to guaranteeing domestic and irrigation water at a reasonable cost. 

The motion also declared that it was “essential and imperative” to maintain the area’s present volume of Tajo-Segura water. 

“We have put through a proposal relating to the Tajo-Segura pipeline, more specifically the Plan de Cuencas (Tajo-Segura Basins Plan) that was the subject of a public consultation in June,” said Elche’s mayor Carlos Gonzalez. 


“The motion is also the result of a meeting last Wednesday with Hugo Moran, junior minister for the Environment, that dealt with vital questions linked to the water supply,” he added. 

It also stemmed from city hall’s agreement with Riegos de Levante, the association that provides members with water for crop irrigation, the mayor said. 

“We urge the central government to reach an agreement with the irrigators. Any change or any decision that has anything to do with pipeline or the Tajo-Segura Basins Plan must be the outcome of an agreement with the irrigators,” Gonzalez declared. 

“This agreement has to guarantee water that is of sufficient quality to answer the needs of our territory.  For us, as a local government, this is basic.” 



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