Murcia closes indoor nightlife venues to control spread of the virus

Murcia closes indoor nightlife venues to control spread of the virus
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MURCIA closes indoor nightlife venues to control the spread of the virus. The regional government of Murcia has ordered the closure of the interior of clubs as of Saturday, July 10. This is the measure agreed by the Covid Committee at the meeting called for this Thursday, July 8, with the aim of stopping the increase in the incidence rate of the virus.

These premises may remain open as long as the activity is outdoors, with customers seated and with a maximum of ten people per table, as reported by La Opinion de Malaga. In addition, the capacity of the celebrations is reduced to a maximum of 75% or 100 people outdoors, in the event that the municipality is at health alert level one with a low risk of transmission.

The Minister of Health, Juan José Pedreño recalled that “the measures are based on the recommendations of the technicians, as we have always done.”He also explained that the increase in cases is due to the fact that “people have stopped using the mask correctly, when the safety distance is not maintained, in crowded places and in closed spaces”. Pedreño has also announced that the Ministry will reinforce the work of public inspection this weekend to ensure the agreed measures are carried out, especially in entertainment venues and celebrations.


The Minister has called for prudence, especially among young people and their families, since “50.5 per cent of confirmed positive cases have occurred among people between 15 and 29 years old,” he explained, adding that “regarding the accumulated incidence rate, in the last two weeks, the group aged 15 to 29 years is the one with the highest incidence, followed by the group aged 30 to 39 years”. He also insisted on the correct use of the mask. “It is the main measure that prevents contagion, and it is necessary to use it even outdoors when the safety distance cannot be kept, especially when there are crowds”.

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