Eight arrested in Almeria for drug-related shootout

Eight arrested in Almeria for drug-related shootout
Eight arrested in Almeria for drug-related shootout Credit: Pixabay Guardia Civil

Eight people have been arrested in Spain’s Almeria for a drug-related shootout.

The Guardia Civil have finished their “Operation Manomares”. The operation saw eight people arrested for attempted murder, illegal possession of weapons and a crime against public health. The people were arrested in the El Ejido neighbourhood of ‘Pozo de tía Manolica’ in Matagorda.

On May 2 emergency services received a call saying that multiple people were shooting at a house with firearms. The call came into the 062 operational communications centre.


Guardia Civil patrols rushed to the scene of the attack. They verified that the attackers had left the building and began to collect evidence of the shooting.

Guardia Civil officers visually inspected the house and found multiple impacts on the outside of the building. They also discovered that some bullets had gone through the windows of the house and into the building. The officers also discovered several pistols in the house.

In the final part of the investigation Guardia Civil officers were able to track down the shooters. The homes of the perpetrators were then searched after this was authorised by the judicial authority. During the searches officers from the Guardia Civil discovered several pistols which were ready to fire. They also found both shotgun and pistol ammunition and multiple large bladed weapons.

In addition to the weapons, Guardia Civil officers also seized three kilograms of marijuana buds which were ready to be sold. They also discovered a crop of 200 marijuana plants, as reported 20 minutes.

The detainees have now been handed over to the investigating court number 6 in Almeria’s El Ejido.

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