App tells all

App tells all
VIRTUAL MEETING: Councillors from Benidorm, Sevilla and Orense discuss the Context Broker project with European Commission officials Photo credit: Benidorm town hall

BENIDORM is developing a pilot scheme that promotes healthy leisure recommendations.

It is doing this with Nereo, a system developed especially for the resort as well as for Sevilla and Orense (Galicia) by the Context Broker programme financed by the European Commission.

Nereo enables real-time monitoring of environmental conditions related to popular pursuits that include cycling, walking and visiting the beach, recommending the most suitable activities in line with the preferences of visitors and residents.


“The programme also focuses on discovering formulas that can be applied to other European cities,” Benidorm’s Innovation councillor Aida Garcia Mayor explained.

The project will be available as an app, receiving information that Nereo obtains from the town hall’s existing data monitoring network as well as a future system in the Avenida del Mediterraneo and further installations by Everis, the town hall’s technological partner in the project.

“A user will have immediate information on beach occupancy, water temperature, sea conditions, humidity, the temperature in specific parts of the town or conditions on bicycle lanes,” Garcia Gomez said.

“At this initial stage the pilot scheme will be available in the Levante Beach and the Avenida del Mediterraneo areas, but once up and running satisfactorily it can be extended throughout the municipality,” the councillor added.

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