We cried when we found Olivia’s body – A crew member speaks out

We cried when we found Olivia's body - A crew member speaks out
We cried when we found Olivia's body - A crew member speaks out Credit: Pixabay

A crew member of the Angeles Alvariño boat which was involved in the search for Olivia says the crew cried when they found Olivia’s body.

The Angeles Alvariño boat was involved in the search for Tomás Gimeno and the young Olivia and Anna, and a crew member of the boat has given an interview in ‘El Faro de Vigo’.

The crew member has asked not to be identified but has spoken about the marathon search for the missing girls and their father. The boat was crewed by 14 people and a further six people controlled the underwater robot which was used during search.


The crew member lives in O Morrazo. “When we found Olivia’s body, many of us had tears in our eyes and we didn’t see the remains” the crewmember said.

“We didn’t see anything because the body was in a bag. It was found at 11 o’clock in the morning – weighed down with an anchor – and could not be recovered until five o’clock in the afternoon.

“You don’t see anything but you can’t stop thinking about it. We crew members didn’t eat. We’re not used to these things because the Angeles Alvariño doesn’t do that. We decided to go because we had the robot”, said the crewmember during the interview, as reported La Sexta.

The crewmember also spoke of the exhaustive search that was carried out near Tenerife. “When we got there, the police already had the area to search delimited.

“We swept the whole area with both a probe and a side-scanning machine, which detected any object that was identified on the bottom.

“Then the underwater robot went down to check everything that was identified,” he said.

The search was expected to be called off on June 8 but an oxygen cylinder was discovered so the search was extended, it was only two days after this that young Olivia’s body was found.

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