Wooing Brussels

Wooing Brussels
EUROPEAN INITIATIVES: Juan Bravo and Carmen Navarro discuss strategies for obtaining EU funds Photo credit: Diputacion de Almeria

ALMERIA’S provincial council, the Diputacion, continues to consolidate its Agua-Energia-Alimentos (Water-Energy-Food) investment strategy.

The Diputacion and ASEMPAL, the Almeria province business-owners’ federation, are joining forces to attract cash for large-scale projects focusing on water infrastructure and renewable energy from Brussels.

This in turn will provide support for Almeria’s agroindustry, the province’s most productive business sector.


The Diputacion’s European Initiatives councillor, Carmen Navarro, recently met Juan Bravo, who heads the regional government’s Finance and European Finance department, to discuss their combined efforts to obtain EU funds.

This investment strategy encourages collaboration between the public and private sectors on carrying out major projects to establish Almeria’s agroindustry as a world leader via sustainability and energy efficiency.

Juan Bravo applauded the Diputacion and ASEMPAL’S investment strategy.

“This centres on using digital technology to transform services or businesses and the Green Revolution’, two indispensable issues in Europe,” he said.

These two lines of action, both which are highly-valued by Brussels, were clearly reflected in the project, Bravo pointed out.

“All European policies regard these as cardinal points in territorial planning,” he added.

Navarro thanked Bravo for the Junta’s collaboration with the Diputacion and ASEMPAL on making the Agua-Energia-Alimentos investment strategy a reality.

“This will increase opportunities for the most important pillar of Almeria’s economy,” the councillor declared.

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