Summer: when separations and divorces increase in Spain

Summer: separations and divorces. Expatriates with assets in Spain

Statistically during the summer months, and especially in September (as in August the family courts are not working), it is when consultations on divorces and separations and the number of family court claims presented increase more.

It is a time when usually the children do not go to school, and the whole family: parents and offspring spend more time together, and in some cases in unusual circumstances, different from the rest of the year, with different people, etc.


Thus, while on holiday we might think that having more free time, and without the stress produced by the work, the children’s activities, etc, it’s an ideal time for couples and families, the truth is that the numbers say otherwise, and the fact may be simply that as there is more time together, there are more possibilities of potential conflicts.

The truth is that this reality also takes place repeatedly every year, and after holiday periods, also, January, after the Christmas holidays, it’s a month when more family breakdowns than normal occur.

If unfortunately this happens, it is essential to prepare conveniently the divorce or separation and make sure that we have in place all the necessary or important documentation and information.

Also, if you are an expatriate living in Spain or living in your country: United Kingdom, France, Germany, etc, there are legal and practical issues that must be considered.

If you live in Spain, there are concepts of international law that may be of vital importance and could determine the law applicable for the divorce, the applicable law and the matrimonial property regime, and the application of the rules of one country or another, that could be very relevant.

If you do not live in Spain, and your intention is to initiate the divorce or separation process in your country, being part of your assets in Spain, it is essential that an expert Spanish Law Firm in this field helps you and your lawyers.

For example in divorces by mutual consent, drafting the agreements one way or another may involve higher costs or taxes to be paid, the possibility to register the court order directly and or the direct change of ownership of properties in Spain at the Land Registry, etc.

If you find yourself in this situation, and unfortunately it is not possible to solve your family situation, if you are a foreigner with properties or assets in Spain, whether resident or not, you should seek legal advice about the proper steps to be taken, because the consequences can be very different.

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