Organisation that Stole Luxury Vehicles in Malaga is Caught

Organisation that Stole Luxury Vehicles in Malaga is Caught
Organisation that Stole Luxury Vehicles in Malaga is Caught. Image: Wikimedia

A criminal organisation dedicated to the theft of luxury vehicles has been brought down in Malaga.

THE National Police have brought down the organisation, which would steal luxury cars and then export them to Eastern European countries, within the framework of the Modena operation.

Police have arrested members of the organisation, who were of Russian, Romanian, Moldovan and Ukrainian nationality, for their alleged parts in a criminal gang, robbery with force and documentation falsification. The economic amount of damage caused amounts to over €3 million, according to Malaga Hoy.

The organisation also had access to a five-axle trailer with a large load capacity with which they would use to transport the vehicles, and, if stopped by authorities, they would present false invoices obtained from various scrapyards unrelated to the illegal ones.


Amongst the seized goods are two luxury vehicles, various pieces of numerous brands of luxury vehicles scrapped and in perfect condition. Additionally, six gasoline tanks, 32 engines, 24 gearboxes, 29 switchboards, 16 doors, 18 wheels, six batteries, six radiators, six roof covers, two cut roofs, 20 vehicle seats, five electric roofs, front windows, pedals, spotlights, gears and tools to carry out the breakdowns, amongst others.

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