New rules in the Balearics to tackle problems of visiting student infection

Announcing the new regulations
Announcing the new regulations Credit: Balearic Government

The Government has acted quickly to introduce new rules in the Balearics to tackle problems of visiting student infection.

Clearly in response to the negative publicity received following the arrival and subsequent illness of organised student groups from the mainland, the Balearic Government announced new regulations on June 28.

As has been seen, large numbers of students have either returned home with coronavirus symptoms or have been isolated mainly in Mallorca which is dangerous on two different levels.


Firstly, regardless of whether the students were carriers in the first place or contracted the virus on Mallorca, any significant increase in infection is bad for visitors and residents alike.

Secondly, having just been added to the UK Green List, Balearic hoteliers and hospitality companies in particular are desperate to welcome UK families yet any suggestion that there is a spike in contagion will possibly frighten tourists off.

To this end therefore, the Balearic Government recognising the exceptional conditions caused by student ‘study trips’, has made the following decision;

Such trips may only be organised, booked and sold to groups of more than 20 people, if the organiser includes a group leader and the members prove, through an official document, a negative PCR made in the 48 hours prior to arrival, or have received both vaccinations within the past eight months or have a medical certificate showing that they have recovered from infection within the last six months.

There will be exceptions for certain groups, such as those attending a conference, a recognised organised event or sports competitions.

Once formally approved, this decree will stay in place until July 31.

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