Thousands Gather For Anti-Lockdown Protests in London

Thousands Gather For Anti-Lockdown Protests in London
Thousands Gather For Anti-Lockdown Protests in London. Image - Twitter

THOUSANDS of people have gathered for anti-lockdown protests in London today, June 26.

The crowds have marched in the Hyde Park area, Oxford Street, Broadcasting House, Trafalgar Square, and Parliament Square.


The Home Office has said under current restrictions it is still illegal for people to attend the protests, however, a group of 60 MPs and peers have called for the government to change the law and let the peaceful protests commence.

Police may attempt to disperse activists if they are thought to be breaching restrictions and could arrest non-compliant participants. Isolated clashes between police and protesters, or between rival groups of activists, cannot be ruled out, said Gardaworld.

The protests come as stadiums, shopping centres and theatres are among hundreds of walk-in vaccination sites opening across England this weekend in a bid to boost the number of people getting jabbed over concerns of rising infections- mainly due to the Indian Delta version of the virus.

Among the sports grounds involved are the Newcastle Eagles basketball arena, Watford’s Vicarage Road, Arsenal’s Emirates Stadium and Edgbaston cricket ground.

People who get a vaccine at the Emirates Stadium between now and Monday are being offered a free tour of the stadium as part of their visit.

Data shows that an estimated 83.1 per cent of over-50s in London had received both doses of vaccine by June 20. However, all other regions across the country are above 90 per cent, according to the figures published by NHS England.

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  1. This report is way out of touch. First of all, what’s this obsession that British media has with “arrests”, when the reasons for this protest are hardly touched on? Sticking with arrests for a moment, I was there and saw no arrests. The police were very placid. Moreover, the BBC report linked, ostensibly to show these “arrests”, refers to a demo that took place last March, not today, June 26th.

    Then the report goes into vaccination sites — and even links them — when this is a total irrelevance. The demo was a protest against Covid lockdown, forced wearing of face muzzles, jabbing (proven to be sickening and deadly) and the massive lies surrounding the Covid hoax.

    I really wish the report could have given a picture of what the demo was actually about and why a million people (not “thousands” as reported) felt the need to make their voices heard.

  2. I am from across the pond in Canada and I wish I could have been at the protest in London last saturday to support the people. As far as I know most people in my local area have been completely brainwashed by the msm/gov. We are living in extreme times my friends.


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