Tragedy As Kayaker’s Body Recovered in Almeria’s Cabo De Gata

Tragedy As Kayaker’s Body Recovered in Almeria’s Cabo De Gata
Tragedy As Kayaker’s Body Recovered in Almeria’s Cabo De Gata

Tragedy As Kayaker’s Body Recovered in Almeria’s Cabo De Gata.

SADLY, Guardia Civil Officers from Almeria have recovered a kayaker’s body in Spain’s Cabo De Gata.

Officers from the Almeria Guardia Civil have recovered the body of a man who had allegedly disappeared when he was kayaking along the coast with his partner on June 21. The pair had been kayaking in the Los Escullos-Níjar area of Spain’s Almeria.


The Guardia Civil were alerted to the disappearance at around 6pm on June 21. They were made aware that a person had disappeared after they had attempted to swim to the coast for help. The partner had stayed in a kayak that had been drifting in the ocean and was luckily rescued by the Salvamento Marítimo.

When the authorities resumed the search on Tuesday, June 22, they called on the expertise of the Underwater Activities Specialist Group (GEAS). Sadly though officers located and recovered a lifeless body. The body was discovered on the on the coast of Los Escullos-Níjar, in an area which was difficult to access.

An investigation into the cause of death has been launched by the Almeria command, as reported Almeria 24.

The Guardia Civil have been promoting a water safety campaign to encourage beach users this summer to stay safe. The campaign is aimed towards swimmers who often get into difficulty. They have encouraged people to use their common sense when spending time at the beach especially when entering the water.

They have encouraged people to not only look out for themselves but also think of others who would be putting their own lives at risk during any rescue attempt.


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