Spain Nears Zero Covid Deaths Target

Spain Nears Zero Covid Deaths Target
A record number of people were vaccinated on June 23. Image: Pixabay

Spain Nears Zero Covid Deaths Target.

THE ongoing Spanish vaccination programme is progressing extremely well in Spain and the country is nearing the zero Covid death target.

The goal in Spain is to see zero deaths from Covid-19. This means a real figure of zero deaths in a day, not due to a statistical error or a delay in notification. At the beginning of this year Spain was hit with a third wave of coronavirus and saw over 500 deaths every day. It is now hoped that Spain will not go backwards and return to the figures seen last year in 2020.


It seems that finding out the exact number of deaths each day from the virus is nearly impossible in real time as figures take time to be compiled and data requires interpretation. Using data provided by the Ministry of Health though, Spain is progressing towards zero Covid deaths in a day.

The figures are not always entirely up to date and there are always delays or accumulations needed, but as deaths are dated to the day that they occurred, this is a more reliable figure than the number of infections that occurred on a given day. Bureaucratic procedures take time to complete and ensure that figures are correct.

So disregarding the last seven day’s data provided by the Ministry, and using data from the previous week, there is still a possibility that some cases need to be registered but the data is believed to be 90 to 95 per cent reliable.

As reported El Espanol, the target of zero deaths is getting closer. Looking at the data from June 8 to June 14, one day was recorded were only seven people died. This occurred on Friday, June 11 and shows that Spain is heading towards its goal.


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Alex Glenn is a reporter for Spain’s largest English-speaking newspaper, Euro Weekly News. Formerly she worked in the NHS for 15 years until relocating to Spain in 2018. She loves the Spanish lifestyle, language and culture and spent several years learning Spanish before moving to Spain for a better quality of life. She has made her home in the mountains in Almeria, where she loves being part of a rural community that has a mix of both expats and Spanish residents. In her spare time, she enjoys hiking, reading and exploring the area where she lives.


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