Caretaker Arrested For Stealing From British Man With Memory Problems In Estepona

Caretaker Arrested For Stealing From British Man With Memory Problems
Caretaker Arrested For Stealing From British Man With Memory Problems. Image - National Police

THE National Police have arrested the caretaker of an elderly British man for allegedly stealing his home and vehicle.

The 24-year-old suspect of Romanian origin allegedly obtained benefits from urging the 79-year-old British man, who suffered from memory problems, to sell off his goods, according to police statements.

Investigations began on June 1 when officers of the Estepona Police Station received information from the fraud prevention department of a bank that they were concerned about an elderly, man wanting to withdraw €44,000 for the exchange of a cheque for the sale of a home.


The elderly man, who suffers from memory and cognitive issues, had recently sold his home for “well below market value, apparently being pushed to do so by his caregiver,” according to the investigation.

The real estate agency that was an intermediary in the sale, the notary in which the signing took place and the purchasers of the house did not notice the “disorientation” of the elderly man.

Investigators questioned the elderly man about the payment he received at the notary office and also the sale of his habitual home – he could not recall either events taking place. The obvious cognitive problems of the victim led officers to confirm that he had been a victim of fraud.

The injured party is now in the care of his nephews and the Court of Estepona has taken over the investigation, according to Malaga Hoy.

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