Paragliding Goes Wrong in Spain’s Alicante

Paragliding Goes Wrong in Spain’s Alicante
Paragliding Goes Wrong in Spain’s Alicante Credit: Bomberos Alicante

Paragliding Goes Wrong in Spain’s Alicante.

Paragliding goes wrong in Spain’s Alicante and a man has to be rescued by helicopter after an accident occurred between Yecla and Villena.

A man has been rescued by the Alicante Provincial Fire Brigade after he had been paragliding. The accident occurred between Yecla and Villena in Spain’s Alicante and the man suffered from a possible ankle fracture during the incident.


The paragliding accident occurred yesterday evening on Monday, June 14, at around 7pm. The rescue operation progressed quickly and they were able to conclude the operation at shortly before 9pm.

The accident occurred near the CV-81, between Yecla and Villena. Multiple emergency services units were deployed including an Alpha rescue helicopter plus rescue group, and firefighters from the Elda and Villena fire stations.

The helicopter rescue occurred in the middle of a mountain and the man was safely transferred later to hospital for treatment for his injury.

In other Alicante news, the city council of Alicante have said enough is enough, and have condemned gender violence after the deaths of the girls in Tenerife.

The mayor of Alicante, Luis Barcala, has expressed his “absolute repulsion and disgust at this violence that is causing so much death, desolation and pain” and has condemned gender violence.

The Alicante City Council has joined in a three-minute silence as a sign of condemnation and rejection of the murders of the girls in Tenerife. The silence also condemned the death of the young woman from Estepa and condemned gender violence.

The mayor has expressed his: “absolute repulsion and disgust at this violence that is causing so much death, desolation and pain,” and highlighted the fact that: “in the last plenary session of the Alicante City Council they expressed the hope that the outcome of the two girls who had disappeared would not be what it has been, because a monster was determined to take their lives and make life impossible for their mother.”


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