MiMoana plants plastic eating fish on Cala de Mijas beach to raise funds

One fish that can stomach plastic Credit: MiMoana

ON the occasion of World Ocean Day, today June 8, the MiMoana Association was allowed to collaborate in the placing of plastic collector in the shape of a fish on the beach at La Cala de Mijas.

Approved by the Mijas Council, this fish will be one that is able to feed on plastic so if you have any plastic bottle caps feel free to give them to the fish and Mi Moana will recycle them in return for funds to help fund the Association.

MiMoana is non-profit, ocean loving organisation founded in Mijas Costa which is recognised by the Junta de Andalucia and its mission is to inspire others to take action for plastic free beaches, oceans and rivers.


Every month they host clean up events along the Costa del Sol coast line in order to combat the worldwide pollution and raise local awareness.



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