Spanish supermarket promises delivery of order within 10 minutes

Smart trolley in store
Smart trolley in store Credit: The Block

WITH around 2,000 products at prices comparable with other supermarkets, new start up The Blok promises to accept your order and deliver within 10 minutes.

It’s a supermarket that is not open to the public and everything is ordered online with staff capable of picking your order in less than two minutes thanks to each trolley having a tablet which records the order and where each item is located.

Then delivery is made using an e-bike and currently they can deliver to around 70 per cent of Barcelona and Madrid central addresses with expansion to other cities on the cards as the business prospers.


This is one of a number of what have become known as Dark Stores operating in Spain but the founders like to think of themselves as a genuine supermarket which simply makes life easier and quicker for the customer.

The founders who are currently raising more venture capital funding have between them experience of working for Deliveroo, Glovo and Uber Eats so believe that they are well positioned to offer a more personal service as they look to expand to 20 stores with a turnover of €25 million by the end of the year according to Business Insider.



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