Half of UK adults have now received covid vaccine

Half of UK adults hav now received covid vaccine
Half of UK adults hav now received covid vaccine. Image: Wikipedia

Half of UK adults have now received covid vaccine.




Half of UK adults have now received both doses of the Covid vaccination.

Since vaccination rollout began, approximately 50.2% of all people aged 18 and over have received a second dose.

England has 50.7% of adults vaccinated while the other three countries had 49.3%, 48.2%, and 47.1% immunized respectively.

Important milestone reached today.’

About 50% of all British people have had two doses of protection. You are very welcome. Keep moving.

It is stated today that 75% of adults have got their first dose.

Patients in the UK have confidence in vaccinations “sky high.”

The Global Vaccine Confidence Summit: “Nine in ten of us are willing to take or have taken a Covid vaccine.”

The politician stated: “This is not a vaccination world cup — countries don’t compete against each other, but when everyone is safe, we all are the winners.”

New Covid variations must pose no harm while hospital admissions, fatalities, and infection rates must stay low.

The data is still too “ambiguous” for Boris Johnson to make a definitive decision this week.

On Thursday, he announced “There’s nothing in the evidence that tells us we can

Travel industry specialists are criticizing the government today, saying that no new nations will be added to the green list.

The announcement will infuriate UK holidaymakers who had planned holidays to Portugal.

As reported by Metro

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