How to Keep Your House Safe If You Are Heading off on Holiday

How to Keep Your House Safe If You Are Heading off on Holiday
How to Keep Your House Safe If You Are Heading off on Holiday Credit: Pixabay

How to Keep Your House Safe If You Are Heading off on Holiday.

Police have issued warnings of different methods that thieves are using to identify when homes are left empty. So here are a series of tips on how to keep your house safe if you are heading off on holiday, and identify if your property has been targeted.

Agents from the Robbery Group of the Provincial Judicial Police Brigade of the Seville National Police have set out to alert the public about how to prevent burglaries in homes as summer arrives. Many people will head off on holiday leaving their home unoccupied. Some of these tips may apply as well for Brits with holiday homes in Spain.


National police have issued a warning on various methods used by criminals to find out when a home has been left empty.

Officers have highlighted a series of recommendations such as using home automation systems to turn lights on and off and even open and close windows in a bid to dissuade criminals from breaking in as a house will appear to be occupied.

A standard safety tip is to ensure that all windows and doors are properly closed. Lowering the blinds only partway is recommended too, as reported 20 minutes.

It is recommended that doorbells for the house remain connected as disconnecting the doorbell can mark out a house which is unoccupied. A further recommendation is to make sure you do not broadcast your holidays over social media.

National Police have also highlighted various methods that can be used to discover whether a house is left unoccupied for some days.

One method sees potential burglars installing a series of wooden sticks between the door and the floor and once the doors is opened they fall. If the potential burglars return to the property to find the sticks in the original position they know that the door has not been opened.

Another variation on this is the installation of small plastic clips that are transparent. They are place between the door and the door frame and again show whether a door has been opened or not.

Police have also pointed out silicon grew threads can be used to join the door to the doorjamb. These threads can appear similar to a spider’s web and often go unnoticed. If the threads are broken this means that the potential offender will know that the house is occupied.

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