Excavations restart at one of Mallorca’s most important archaeological sites

Part of the Son Real necropolis

THE Son Real necropolis in Can Picafort is the most important site in an archaeologically rich area and work is to restart on new excavations.

Although the land in which it is found is called Punta de los Fenicios (Phoenicians’ Point), there were actually never any significant Phoenician settlements in the area and it is believed that all of the bodies found were of indigenous people.

Rediscovered in the middle of the 20th century excavations took place in 1957-1969 and 1998-2019 but the pandemic stopped further investigations.


So far 143 tombs have been discovered and bone remains of at least 425 people have been recovered as well as tools, weapons etc.

These tombs which were used between the seventh and second centuries BC are believed to have been reserved for the elite of the local communities.

Now, the Santa Margalida Council have committed a further €40,000 to continue the excavations at Son Real and complete the work started in 1998.



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