Spanish Blow To Sudden Death From Heart Problems

Spanish Blow To Sudden Death From Heart Problems
Spanish Blow To Sudden Death From Heart Problems Credit: Pixabay

Spanish Blow To Sudden Death From Heart Problems.

Spanish blow to sudden death from heart problems with the possible creation of the first ever myocarditis rapid test.

Myocarditis is extremely difficult to diagnose and is detected when the condition is triggered. Sadly though in many cases it is mistaken for a heart attack.


Scientists have now published in The New England Journal, and it is hoped that for the first time ever there is the possibility of detecting myocarditis using a simple test which only requires a blood sample. This could see effective recovery chances increased dramatically.

A team from the National Centre for Cardiovascular Research (CNIC) led by Dr Pilar Martín have carried out the study which was supported via a Leonardo Grant for Researchers from the BBVA Foundation.

The centre’s director, Dr. Valentín Fuster, has spoken of the benefits of this research and explained that: “This work is a paradigm of how the basic research carried out at the CNIC contributes to the well-being of society by transferring the research carried out in the centre’s laboratories to the clinic.”

Dr. Martín has spoken to El Espanol and explained more about the serious condition: “A heart attack occurs when the artery is blocked by a thrombus or fat accumulation, which is known as arteriosclerosis. Myocarditis is an inflammation of the heart muscle that activates a ‘counter-attack’ of the immune system. And the reasons why it occurs are completely different: most often it develops after a viral or bacterial infection, autoimmune problems or is induced by certain poisons and drugs. But the symptoms of acute myocarditis are exactly the same as those of myocardial infarction.”

According to the doctor, myocarditis is one of the leading causes of sudden death in young men.

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