Spain’s Vaccination Process Ranks Seventh in the European Union

Spain's Vaccination Process Ranks Seventh in The European Union
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SPAIN’S VACCINATION process ranks seventh in the European Union. This Thursday, May 27, marks 5 months since Spain began to vaccinate. More than 150 days since Araceli, at 96, opened the way to immunization with her first dose, which another 8,434,232 people following the same path.

Getting to this situation has not been easy at all. Problems in supplies, the stigmatization of the AstraZeneca injection as well as doubts and constant changes in the vaccination strategy remain etched in the nation’s memory. But the rhythm has picked up a significant pace, to the point that Spain has become one of the most effective countries when it comes to vaccinating in all of Europe.

Since last April, Spain has always been among the countries with the most doses administered in relation to the total population. And, to this day, these data are still intact: according to Our World in Data, a portal that has brought together information on Covid-19 from most of the countries in the world, Spain is the seventh member of the EU with the most doses given, above the European Union average and ahead of countries such as Italy, France and Portugal.


Malta, Hungary, Germany, Lithuania and Denmark are the only countries in which higher figures of administered doses have been recorded. According to the latest report from the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC), dated May 16, in this regard Spain has dropped from 7th to 12th place. But complete immunization, as well as the doses administered, are still at very high levels.

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