Malaga Council Launches Red Cross Awareness Campaign

Malaga Council Launches Red Cross Awareness Campaign
Malaga Council Launches Red Cross Awareness Campaign. Image - Diputacion de Malaga

MALAGA COUNCIL and the Red Cross will raise awareness about Covid-19 through the NGO’s ‘Living with Health’ campaign.

Malaga Council and the Red Cross will raise awareness about Covid19, thanks to the NGO’s ‘Living with Health’ campaign, which has the help of the provincial institution and aims to improve health conditions and social cohesion.


The fourth vice president and deputy for Citizenship and Attention to the Depopulation of the Territory, Natacha Rivas, has presented the campaign together with the mayor of Torrox, Óscar Medina, the mayor of Social Affairs, Ana Pérez and the president of the Red Cross in Vélez-Málaga, Eduardo Reci.

This initiative aims to inform people, especially the foreign population, about the importance of vaccination against Covid-19 as well as protection and prevention measures against the virus, eliminating language barriers and promoting communication.

The ‘Living with Health’ program, which has the help of the delegation of the Third Sector and International Cooperation area of the Malaga Provincial Council, also seeks to sensitise the population (AMPAS, AAVV, groups) about the pandemic situation and highlight the need for support and social cohesion in the face of discrimination and xenophobia.

This initiative was launched yesterday, May 26, in Torrox where a Red Cross Health information point has been installed, specifically in the El Convento building, and will tour the municipalities of Álora, Monda, Manilva and Archidona.

Natacha Rivas explained that this project will provide information, through technicians, nurses and volunteers from the Red Cross, on prevention to “all the people who live with us from different points so that they know how to deal with this pandemic, how to prevent infections, explain to them how to use the material and offer it to them, talk about vaccines and the importance of all of us being vaccinated”.

Rivas has highlighted the importance of collaboration between entities and institutions, and more specifically from the Provincial Council “because we managed to address in a broader way and, above all, with more immediacy to serve all those people who need social assistance”, he pointed out.

The vice president has also recalled the purse cards that were put into practice at the beginning of the pandemic, together with the Junta de Andalucia, reaching more than 300 distributed through the Community Social Services of the Provincial Council, which It was an immediate help to face economic difficulties.

Finally, he encouraged “those who have a little time and want to help others to be part of the Red Cross, an entity that goes out of its way as it has during the pandemic.”

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