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Hotels are opening in Palma ready for tourists
Hotels are opening in Palma ready for tourists Credit: ASPHAMA Twitter

Palma hotels

JAVIER VICH, president of the ASPHAMA hotel association has indicated that due to the influx of foreign tourists and the likely arrival of cruise ships again, around 95 per cent of all hotels in Palma should soon reopen in order to welcome foreign and Spanish visitors.

Celebrity spotting


A KEEN-EYED reporter for Ultima Hora Mallorca spotted Hollywood stars Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta Jones together with son Dylan and daughter Carys strolling around the streets of Palma on Monday May 24. The couple own the S’Estaca Estate in Valldemossa which is no longer for sale.

High jinks

A HORRIFIED mother who was shopping with her children contacted the police to complain that a couple were having sex in a car in a supermarket car park in Palma’s Las Capiscol district in broad daylight on May 22. The Spanish couple was subsequently arrested.

Gypsy feud

AFTER receiving a warning to leave the island and having one of their members shot, seven members of a gypsy family, originally from Barcelona who have a feud with another local family decided it was time to relocate back to the mainland.

Terrace extension

WITH only limited access to the interiors of bars and restaurants at the moment, the Palma Council has decided to extend permission to owners to be able to continue to use parking areas on the streets as part of their terrace operation until September 30.

Twin beach

NOT quite like the parting of the Red Sea, but heavy rains over the weekend meant that once again, the beach at Camp de Mar was split in two with a small stream dividing the two halves for several hours.



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