Young Migrant Dies After Falling From 10-Metre Wall In Ceuta

Young Migrant Dies After Falling From 10 Foot Wall In Ceuta
Migrants in Ceuta. Image: Twitter

A YOUNG migrant has died after falling from a 10-metre wall in the port of Ceuta.

A young migrant has died after falling from a 10-metre wall in the port of Ceuta. He fell today, Saturday, May 22, whilst trying to access one of the ships that travel to the peninsula, according to El Pais. The age of the young boy is not yet known.


In the last few hours, the government of Ceuta has transferred 250 minors to a sports centre who had been in a Tarajal ship since they arrived in Spain on Monday and Tuesday this week to swim.

This will be the second transfer of children and adolescents that have been carried out by the Ceutí Executive since the crises began, after 230 were transferred to a provisional centre on Wednesday, May 19.

Authorities have so far identified 438 minors out of approximately 800 who arrived earlier this week. According to latest updates, out of the 8,000-10,000 people who arrived from Morocco, 7,000 people have already been returned.

The situation on the Ceuta border today is one of “tense calm”, according to security services. Recent events have shown that border security with Morocco in normal conditions depends exclusively on the cooperative attitude or not on those on the other side of the fence.

Police chiefs have said that there will be neither vacations nor police permits/leave until the current crisis is resolved- that was the order already received by all the troops deployed in Ceuta and which is also understood to be extended shortly to those in Melilla. Only an officer who puts forward a compelling case may be excused from duty.

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