Spanish Chef Says Robot Makes A Tasty Paella

Spanish Chef Says Robot Makes A Tasty Paella
Spanish Chef Says Robot Makes A Tasty Paella. Image - Pixabay

ACCORDING to a Spanish master chef, a robot is capable of making a tasty paella!

According to a Spanish master chef, a robot is capable of making a tasty paella! Spanish company BR5 developed a robot that can cook one of Spain’s most world-renowned dishes. According to Majorca Daily Bulletin, the product has already gained interest from some hotel chains and resorts outside of Spain.


Founder of BR5, Enrique Lillo, told Reuters: “Of course a homemade rice dish on a Sunday will always taste different… We are not aiming at reaching that, our goal is to travel around the world and be able to eat the same rice that we eat in our country, in a different country”.

Lillo added that some amusement parks and resorts in Japan already have paella robot. However, it can also please the locals, paella chef and director of “Cocinea” gastronomy school Maria Munoz said “In my opinion, it’s a wonderful tool, and ‘Ole!’ for the developers because I loved it” after trying the robot-made paella.

The ingredients need to be prepared in advance and are measured out for one paella. The robot has an electronically controlled stove and a mechanical arm that adds the sautéed ingredients into the pan adds the rice and then stirs before adding fish stock. The mechanical arm stirs and shakes constantly until the dish is cooked.

Munoz said it would be helpful for restaurants as more paellas can be made at once: “If you only have one paella cook you can only make 20 at most because it’s crazy, especially finding the sweet spot for the paella.”

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