Two more victims of the Spanish Civil War identified from Manacor cemetery

The 2020 excavations at the Son Coletes cemetery
The 2020 excavations at the Son Coletes cemetery Credit: Manacor Council

DNA analysis of human remains exhumed from the Son Coletes cemetery in Manacor have revealed the identity of two more victims.

The excavation and exhumation took place in July and August 2020 and genetic work carried out so far by the DNA Laboratory of the Biological Anthropology Unit of the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB) and by the Genomics Service of Pompeu Fabra University (UPF) have also made it possible to complete the total number of victims recovered in the first phase of excavations and exhumations of Son Coletes.

Between six and nine different victims have now been detected, bringing the total number of people known to have been buried in this cemetery during the Civil War to 25 in all.


Interestingly, the two latest to have been identified were not thought to have been buried in this cemetery at all and were originally placed in a different cemetery but it is known that some bodies were dug up and moved to other locations.

The two identified now are Pere Llull Fullana, republican mayor of Algaida, who disappeared August 17, 1936 in Manacor and Miquel Palmer Durán an 18-year-old cartoonist who was arrested on the same day as Fullana (who was remembered on a silver stumbling stone outside Algaida Town Hall in 2018).


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