Man Made 8,000 Insulting Calls to the Emergency Services in Spain

Man Made 8,000 Insulting Calls to The Emergency Services in Spain
Man Made 8,000 Insulting Calls to The Emergency Services in Spain Credit: Pixabay

Man Made 8,000 Insulting Calls to the Emergency Services in Spain.

A MAN has been arrested for making over 8,000 insulting calls to Spanish emergency services and has now been released on bail while awaiting trial.

The 49-year-old man was arrested on May 7 for a serious offence of disobedience as he had ignored “repeated requests from the emergency operators to stop using the emergency lines.”


Not only was the man repeatedly wasting the time of emergency services operators, he also only made the phone calls in order to insult them.

Calls to the National Police service at 091 are centralised in the province and throughout April the 091 Intelligent Command, Communication and Control Centre (CIMACC) of the Superior Police Headquarters of Asturias reportedly received a staggering number of calls where operators were insulted. Not only were the emergency service operators insulted, but no kind of emergency service help was required either.

An investigation was carried out by the Provincial Information Brigade and they were able to discover that since 2019, 091 had received 3,787 calls from the man while 112 Emergency Services had received a staggering 4,957 insulting calls. All these calls had been made from the same phone number and it was soon discovered that the Local Police in Gijon had also received similar calls.

According to CadenaSer “none of the calls to both emergency services requested an emergency service or any other requirement, and that they were only made with the intention of insulting and obstructing the service.”

The man was arrested and is now awaiting trial after having been released on bail.

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