Spain worries about China’s growing influence in South America

Pedro Sánchez has written to Ursula von der Leyen
Spain receives billions in EU funding and loans. Image: La Moncloa

ONE of the negative aspects for Spain as part of the European Union is the fact that it generally has to abide by EU regulations concerning trade and tariffs.

This is particularly important to the Country with regards to Latin and South America where language and cultural ties give Spain an edge with trade.

For several years there have been discussions between the EU and the Mercosur Countries (which includes all of the main South American economies) but France and Germany have tended to oppose an agreement for their own reasons and the discussions are on hold.


In the meantime, China has taken the opportunity to woo many of the Latin States whilst the Union has entered into a number of trade deals with Asian Countries.

A report in Spanish National El Pais suggests that Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez has written to Commission President Ursula von der Leyen urging her to unblock the situation in order to open up the continent to trade more freely with Europe and deflect Chinese influence.


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