New housing law introduced in Balearics to make social housing easier to access

Announcing the new housing law
Announcing the new housing law Credit: Balearic Government

THE Balearic Government has approved a new law which includes measures to speed up and facilitate public access to housing aid (especially rental) and to appropriate empty houses.

With a continued shortage of reasonably priced social housing in Mallorca in particular and the stockpiling of property by banks and other lenders due to foreclosure or bankruptcy, the Government intends to take further measures to release property onto the housing market.

The main measure include;


  1. Making it easier for applicants to receive rental aid from the authorities and stopping landlords from demanding proof that security deposits are available.
  2. Measures to obtain more empty property from large holders and adding to the rights for local administrations to take over such properties and require that in some cases they be used for sheltered housing for certain groups.

In addition, the Government has strengthened the rights of first refusal to purchase properties from large owners who will be subject to stricter obligations.

  1. HPOs may not be subleased or transferred for total or partial use without the control of the Administration and the rental of an HPO that an individual owns will only be allowed for a maximum price set by the Administration.
  2. A stricter sanctioning regime for housing infractions with larger fines which may be imposed up to 12 times for an ongoing breach and in some cases, fines will range from €3,000 to €90,000 depending upon the seriousness of the infringement.
  3. Commitment to the continued sustainable construction of public housing.
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