How Has The Lockdown Affected You?

How Has The Lockdown Affected You?
How Has The Lockdown Affected You?

NOW we are seeing the end of restrictions and there are talks about tourists returning, how has the lockdown affected you?

NOW we are seeing the end of restrictions and there are talks about tourists returning, how has the lockdown affected you? With the state of alarm due to end on Sunday, May 9, and flights to Spain set to return, many have been talking about how the year-long lockdown has had an effect on them.

EWN has heard many talk about the effect the lockdown and restrictions have had on their mental health, with many not able to see close family members or go into their places of work.


One EWN reader said: “the biggest impact for me has been not being able to see my family in the UK, that has been, and still is, extremely hard and painful. Working from home has also been a challenge.”

Another reader, John, said: “There is no doubt that if my wife and I hadn’t have been able to work from home and on different floors it would have been a much worse lockdown than it was. We worked during the day and met for lunch so we didn’t fall out very often!”

It would seem, for most, the main thing about the lockdown that had an effect on people was working from home. Humans are innately social beings and many found it difficult to spend so much time at home and not see their work colleagues or friends every day.

It is interesting to note that some people feel quite anxious about the return to normal: “I am not necessarily worried about getting the virus, I am more anxious about tourists returning and places being very busy again. I am quite used to being in my little bubble and the beaches and bars being quiet. I am wondering what the summer will be like when more movement is allowed,” another reader said.

Some people feel it gave them a chance to step back from their busy lives and spend more time at home, however, it is quite clear that that depends on your living situation. Another reader said: “Living in an apartment in Valencia without any outside space was really hard, Luckily, I get on with my flatmates but I can’t imagine what it would have been like if we weren’t such good friends.”

However, not everyone had a negative perspective on the restrictions, Linda said: “I have loved the peace and quiet. I live in a small inland city in Valencia province and the amount of noise it generates isn’t proportionate to its size. I loved the curfew!”

With the easing of restrictions due to the end of the state of alarm on Sunday, May 9, it will be interesting to see how people will feel once they return back to the workplace and things begin to normalise in Spain.

Laura is from a small seaside town in North Wales and has also lived in Liverpool and Manchester, where she studied English Literature and worked in social media and marketing. Laura moved to the city of Zaragoza last August to teach English, but after missing the coast she decided to move to beautiful Nerja to enjoy the sun and sea. Laura has a passion for animals, films, outdoor activities, writing and the environment.


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