Andalucía Plans To Vaccinate 70% Of 16-Year-Olds By The End Of June

Andalucía Plans To Vaccinate 70% Of 16-Year-Olds By The End Of June
Andalucía Plans To Vaccinate 70% Of 16-Year-Olds By The End Of June. image: Wikimedia

Andalucía Plans To Vaccinate 70% Of 16-Year-Olds By The End Of June.

Andalucia has announced it will administer the first doses of the vaccine to 70% of those over 16 years of age “at the end of June”, said the Minister of Health and Families, Jesús Aguirre- 40% of the target population would have received both injections by then, the Andalucían leader added.

To achieve this, the vaccination programme will have to be speeded up, despite the fact that 10% of the population has already been immunised with 25% having had their first dose.


Last week, a total of 343,000 doses of the drug were administered in Andalucía, and the forecast is that this week another 593,270 doses will be given out. The Government wants to make sure all of them are administered and to this aim has launched the “one million plan”, and has enabled the resources to be able to deliver that amount of doses in a one-week period.

To achieve this, the Ministry of Health and Families intends to have many of the 14,000 health professionals trained by the Andalucían School of Public Health (EASP). There are active SAS workers, but also retired doctors and students in their last year of Medicine and Nursing. The plan, which looks very likely to be approved next week by the Governing Council, increases the number of vaccination points to 300 from the current 271.

There are large infrastructures, some of which are already in use and others, such as the Palace of Fairs and Congresses in Malaga, will start operating this Wednesday to gradually expand the number of doses. Sports centres will also be used in smaller municipalities, while in rural and urban areas Mobile units will be set up with air-conditioned waiting areas in anticipation of the increase in temperatures in the community expected over the coming weeks.

In the last week of the month and already in June Aguirre hopes to be able to count on some “800,000 or 900,000 doses”, that is, that enough vials arrive to approach that million jabs a week.

By that time, new drugs from Novavax and Curevac will be available, the two laboratories are at the moment awaiting approval from the European Medicines Agency.

Source: Malagahoy


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